Social media is essential to your financial advisory practice!

Social Media Builds Trust

Financial advisors should use targeted, emotionally compelling social media content that speaks to the client. These days everything is about customer experience and providing customers with a unique service they cannot find anywhere else for them to stand out from their competition.

Investment advisors were excluded from participating in social media because they could not offer comments or engage potential clients on platforms such as Facebook. Now, the SEC advertising rules have been updated. Investment advisors can enjoy a full-fledged social media presence and take advantage of the benefits offered by these platforms - building engagement and moving prospects through their decision making process in just minutes with posts targeted at specific audiences.

Financial advisors need an edge these days!

Competition has dramatically increased as clients have more options than ever before when it comes time for choosing who will handle their finances and wealth.

With so many companies vying for the attention of potential investors and current account holders, investment and accounting firms must come up with ways how they can distinguish themselves on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It's not just through word-of-mouth referrals anymore. 

This means using strategies such as visually appealing graphics coupled with powerful messaging.

Reduce the hassle of running social media 

Social media can be the bane of your existence when running a successful financial advisory firm. Our team will take care of social media management for you!

We create posts that are engagement worthy, and help you increase your exposure and grow your database of followers. No more worrying about what to post, where to post it, or when to post it --- we take care of this for you!



Increase your chances of being seen and show the world your practice is active

  • Twice Daily Posting
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter*
  • Google My Business, LinkedIn*
  • From Our Advisor Content Library
  • Branded With Your Logo
  • Beautify, Scroll-Stopping Image Posts

Take your social media to the next level by increasing engagement and followers 

  • Includes the Full Custom Level
  • Inspirational and Motivational Quotes
  • Social Media Videos and Carousels
  • Boosted Posts
  • Curated Content to Show Expertise
  • Breaking News / Industry News
  • First Level of Engagement

The Base level includes content posted twice daily on Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, LinkedIn (personal), and Twitter.

We’ll help you create the perfect posts to make your logo stand out, with proven results from our expert team! Whether we create a positive public sentiment or stir up healthy debate, each tailored post will get maximum engagement on all your social media channels for increased visibility in today's competitive marketplace.

Custom package Includes the Base level and adds behind-the-scenes content like videos, about us, featured employees and community involvement.

Suppose you want to take your marketing one step further. In that case, our custom package (that also includes the base package) offers behind-the-scenes content like videos, about us, featuring employees and you community involvement projects. This gives personality to your advisory practice as well as to highlight your community.

The Growth package includes the Custom package and  focuses on adding boosted and custom posts.

This package includes all the Custom package features plus curated content, and boosted Quote posts to increase engagement by getting more likes and shares on your posts and growing social media followers.

* You can pick which platforms you want us to post on.

     Our Social Media Services Will:

  • Increase Your Brand Presence
  • Reinforce Brand Messaging
  • Build Know, Like and Trust
  • Attract More Prospects and Clients
  • Show Clients You Care About Your Practice
  • Improve your practice's visibility in Facebook local search results