Take your business to the next level with Reviews and Testimonials.

Financial Advisor Review Funnel System

Yes, You Can Ask For Reviews

Due to previous SEC advertising regulations, investment advisors were not allowed to ask their clients for reviews or testimonials.

But things have changed. These rules were recently updated and investment professionals like you can do what any other business in your area would - actively ask your clients for reviews and testimonials. People trust online reviews as much as a referral from a friend or family member.

If you are an invest advisor or a tax & accounting professional, you need to implement a plan and have a proper review funnel system in place to receive those 5-star reviews for your practice.

Google reviews are the most impactful. Why? You want to be where potential clients go when they start their research on financial advisors near them - Google!

The Importance of a Review Funnel System

A review funnel system that drives reviews on your Google My Business page will help you show up on Google Maps --- the prime position for non-paid local search results.

If you just allow reviews to happen without your prompting, two things happen: reviews may skew to the negative, or no one will write reviews about your practice. So, either you receive average reviews that will hurt your business or no reviews at all.

People are willing to write positive reviews, but you have to ask them.  The best way to make this happen is to have a review funnel system in place to make it as easy as possible for your happy clients to write positive reviews about your practice on Google and other key review sites.

Improve Google Maps / Google My Business Rankings

Google reviews are critical for improving your ranking on Google Maps and getting a constant stream of high quality Google reviews. Responding to Google review sends signals to potential clients and Google that you care and are paying attention. Improving the Google Maps ranking for your financial advisory practice is the first step most advisor need to take.

When people find you on Google Maps, they are more likely to contact you directly or schedule an appointment. 

An efficient Review Funnel System is a must-have in order to maximize the success of your practice online. 

Our Reputation Management System has 3 Tiers

Review Monitoring and Management 

A central system to track and respond to all your reviews across several review sites

  • Track and respond to reviews
  • Includes several review sites
  • Respond from a single platform
  • Know clients are saying about you

Review Videos 

Adds review videos and a video testimonial capture system

  • Includes Review Monitoring System 
  • Includes Review Marketing
  • One review video per month
  • Professional Spokesperson
  • Video Testimonial platform
  • Share videos to YouTube
  • Share videos to Social Media

We provide you with a central Review Monitoring and Management system to track and respond to all your reviews across several review sites, by giving you the ability to keep up with what clients are saying about your practice, and to respond to reviews from the same system. If you add Review Marketing, we add the ability to sent email and SMS review requests to your clients, along with promoting great reviews on your website and social media. If you want to kick it up a notch, adding Review Videos will really make your advisor practice stand out!