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Thanks for wanting to be a guest on our podcast!

Book the time you want to be on one of our shows on the calendar below, then complete the form with the information we need to prepare for your appearance.

We are doing Facebook Live using Streamyard.  We will send you a link to join the livestream (using Streamyard).

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Joining the Facebook Live is easy and doesn't require you to download any software! See Guest Instructions here. Since Facebook will only allow us to schedule 7 days in advance, we'll send our guests the invitation to join the livestream as soon as we create it.

The Essential Financial Advisor Marketing Podcast - In this podcast you’ll get discussions and interviews 100% dedicated to helping financial advisors with their marketing challenges, as well as sharing what’s working well in their practice. The Essential Financial Advisor Marketing Podcast is produced by FinancialAdvisors.com - the premier directory for Financial Advisors across the US. Your hosts and panelists include: Jim Eckel, President of FinancialAdvisors.com and Ken Tucker, Marketing Solutions Architect. This podcast is on Facebook Live on https://www.facebook.com/FinancialAdvisorsDOTcom, so invite your friends, customers, partners, etc. to watch you live