Make those phone calls and form submissions your clients!

Lead Generation Systems for Financial Advisors

Turnkey Advisor Marketing System (TAMS)

Financial Advisors know that they don't have time to waste chasing leads only to find out the prospect isn't a good fit or can't afford their services. Nor do they have time to figure out the best way to generate leads in the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

The Turnkey Advisor Marketing System (TAMS), our Lead Generation System for financial advisors, will help you accelerate and build credibility and trust with your prospects.

Our Turnkey Advisor Marketing System gives your potential client every opportunity to contact you before you've even had any conversations about why you are the right choice for their financial planning needs!

By implementing this type of sales funnel system, your conversion rate will go from about 3% to over 15%. Having a sales funnel like this is the best way to guide potential clients in their customer journey, turning visitors into leads and leads into clients. 

Why Is A Sales Funnel Important?

All business relationships move through three stages in this order- Curiosity, Enlightenment, and Commitment. Just as you would think it too impulsive to ask someone to marry you on the first date, a financial advisor should NOT expect a prospect to sign up with them on the first contact.

Curiosity catches the prospect's interest. If there is no curiosity, you will not move into the second stage of the relationship.

Enlightenment is where we tell them how we can help them solve their problem, and demonstrate that we are the guide with a practical plan to bring them success and avoid failure.

Commitment is where the prospect decides to become a client only after you've piqued their curiosity and enlightened them on how you can solve their problem. Our Turnkey Advisor Marketing System is designed to nurture prospects through these three stages efficiently and effectively so that you can focus on growing your practice and increasing your clients' financial wellbeing.


We will create a sales funnel that includes:

  • A traffic source - We create Google Ads (Pay-Per-Click) and or Facebook Ads (usually Pay-Per-Impression) to send leads to your landing page to get them into the Turnkey Advisor Marketing System sales funnel.
  • A landing page - We design a landing page to convert with an eBook download and an automated booking calendar
  • We write your eBook - This is critical because not everyone is ready to take direct action and meet with you on day one.  Having a lead magnet like an eBook (curiosity) gets prospects into your sales funnel so you can nurture them to the point they are ready to schedule a consultation
  • A Booking Calendar Thank You Page - We include a calendar reminder and no-show follow up email and SMS message sequence
  • An eBook landing page - Prospects can download the eBook, with an email and SMS message sequence to deliver the eBook
  • A lead nurture email series - The Sales Closer series is a 5 email series with the workflow goal of enlightenment and commitment to facilitate the customer journey, moving prospects to appointments and eventually clients.

Long-Term Nurture Series - Once the Sales Closer Series is completed, we can drop any leads who did not convert into a long-term nurture campaign series that focuses on weekly announcements, weekly tips, and weekly notifications. We focus on adding value and solving their problems who you as a guide with the solution to stay top of mind as the prospects are continuing their decision making process.